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About the Artist

Lacy Katherine Campbell (Seattle) is a nationally lauded multidisciplinary theater artist, who has spent half her life on either side of the country’s ideological divide: one half in conservative, religious Texas and the other in liberal, Northern urban arts communities. Her work revolves around a perpetual search for commonalities. After college, Lacy pursued Chicago’s most prestigious theaters but grew frustrated with how financially inaccessible and unrelatable the work was to most Chicagoans. She was drawn to community-based arts organizations like Redmoon, Barrel of Monkeys, and Albany Park Theater Project, where professional artists collaborate with and reflect the voices of the communities where they perform. With Hearts & Brains, she easily attracted collaborators who shared the same values, creating critically-acclaimed original works “Then One Night” and “Gashlycrumb Orphanage.” Since moving to Seattle in late 2015, she has built a cohort of artists through her work with Intiman, ARTBARN/Satori, and Lucia Neare.

Lacy received 2017 GAP Award funding for How We Pray - a multi-disciplinary theater piece based on interviews with Americans of all faiths, or with none at all. She see this project as an opportunity to invite radical empathy between deeply divided communities. How We Pray challenges audiences to listen to voices they don’t often hear: voices often reduced to caricature, like “Southern preacher.” Most importantly, it challenges us to hear that we may all be praying for the same thing.

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From the Artist

This recognition is so helpful in both the exposure to the arts community and the public, in addition to the ability to realize my work. Thank you for making Washington a wonderful place to be an artist!

Lacy Katherine Campbell