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About the Artist

Leah Gerrard has worked with metal for twenty years. Her passion for wire was sparked by a jewelry class in Florence, Italy, and led her to explore sculpture at Linfield College. Inspired by a customer’s intricate beaded wire basket she encountered while working at a jewelry supply company, Leah started weaving her own. After making a few beaded baskets, she realized that it was the simple skeletal structure of the wire that really interested her. Self-taught, she experimented with different wires and different weaving techniques. Leah was first able to make a large scale sculpture by emulating a technique pioneered by Ruth Asawa. She continues to develop her own methods, expanding her pieces into large-scale sculpture entwined with found objects. Her process is continually evolving in response to the challenges she creates through her designs.

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From the Artist

I am so happy and grateful to be receiving the Artist Trust Fellowship Award. It helps validate my decision to live as an independent artist and to let go of the stability that comes from a steady pay check. I make an effort to challenge myself as an artist, and having the time to experiment is crucial to the evolution of my process. I would not be able to keep up with my ideas if not for support like this.

I would like to thank everyone at Artist Trust and the panel for this vote of confidence. It is such an amazing feeling to receive this honor. I would also like to thank all the donors who make this support available to the artists of Washington State.

Leah Gerrard