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Leslee Goodman (Twisp) moved her studio to Twisp, Washington, after several road trips in search of “the best small art towns in America.” The combination of simple living and a community of creative individuals connected by love of nature, art, and unfettered access to the outdoors made her fall in love with the Methow Valley. The connection between nature and culture is vibrant and alive here, giving voice to a way of living consciously and generatively. Although she has 30+ years of experience as a written storyteller and is publisher/editor of The MOON magazine, she considers herself an emerging artist as a filmmaker.

Leslee received 2017 GAP Award funding for Twisp: The Power of Community, which is a documentary exploring the people and values that make the tiny town of Twisp, Washington, a thriving community, rather than another abandoned farm town or commercialized strip of interstate.The film’s timeliness is as an urgently needed antidote to the polarization that is cleaving our country, precisely when the challenges we face require profound cooperation. The residents of Twisp embody those challenges, yet have found enough common ground to work together.

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From the Artist

I am so honored and thrilled by Artist Trust's vote of confidence in me as an emerging artist. Your award has inspired me to repay that confidence in creating the best possible documentary of our innovative little town.

Leslee Goodman