Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Linda Peschong (Seattle) received a 2006 GAP to purchase supplies and equipment for continued development of the artist’s latest series of digitally composed images. Peschong is working on a body of work that explores combining images taken of scenes from various animal dioramas at the Denver Museum of Natural History with elements of images taken by the artist of actual natural environments. In this new series of images, the artist continues her exploration of “the possibility that an image can portray something that is as ‘real’ as its source.”

Linda received a 2003 GAP to purchase an Epson printer and ink as well as to better document recent work. Often working on collaborative efforts, Peschong employs a host of different materials in her sculptures and installations.” My newest pieces are arriving around the concept of integrating digitally composed photographic images and soft vinyl sculpture. I’ve already invested in a professional camera and new software towards realizing these pieces and other temporary media installations.”

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