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About the Artist

Lynda Harwood-Swenson is an artist and arts educator living in the Seattle area. Originally from Buffalo, NY she graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in English and studio art. Since high school, she has been exploring print mediums and alternative photography processes. Her current work focuses on the medium of etching and looking at landscape as a metaphor for personal transition. In addition to her artwork, she has worked in education at the Seattle Art Museum for over 6 years.

Lynda received GAP 2016 funding for The Borrowed Landscape, large landscape images which are intended to provoke stories of transition and hardship, of displacement and history of destruction. For Harwood-Swenson, the beauty of etching is in the diversity of the mark making and its many variations. Pushing the medium through her work moves the traditional medium into a contemporary lens, and that contemporary lens is important in seeing the landscape in all its complexity of meaning.

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From the Artist

Receiving this GAP Grant has been such an amazing gift. It will allow me to move forward with my work with confidence and the feeling of acknowledgment that everyone searches for as an emerging artist.

Lynda Swenson