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Lynne Siefert is a filmmaker originally from Seattle, WA. In her work, Lynne tries to reconcile her attraction to art and aesthetics with her commitments to social justice and interests in philosophy. Shooting both on 16 mm film and digitally, Lynne creates experimental documentaries and short, poetic world-scapes. Lynne has exhibited nationally and internationally in festivals such as Edinburgh International Film Festival, EXiS Experimental Film and Video Festival, Antimatter Media Art, and Chicago Underground, among others.

Lynne received 2017 GAP funding for her project "PowerPlants" (working title). The painting, “The Lackawanna Valley” (1855) by George Inness depicts the beginning of the industrial revolution in an American townscape. A man, a train, factories, mountains, and sky are all compositionally balanced; serenity pervades the scene. Yet, looking longer tree-stumps become apparent. Is this a result of industry, or is this negative commentary about industrialization? It is ambiguous: industry is present, but the implication is unknown.This painting is inspiration for her project "PowerPlants," an experimental, documentary film.

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From the Artist

I am thrilled and deeply grateful to receive this fellowship. Thank you to Artist Trust and the selection panelists for providing me with this support. Not only will the award help fund the pre-production of my next film, it has also filled me with a sense of excitement and encouragement to know there is a future for experimental film in Washington State. Thank you so much!

Lynne Siefert