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About the Artist

Margot Quan Knight (Bellevue) received a 2009 GAP for financial assistance in the completion of a photographic quilt project begun in October 2008. The project, titled Mirror Quilts, grows from Margot’s past work that used reflective surfaces to examine portraiture, and the gap between photographs, reflections, and reality. As her first post-MFA project, it is also a new step creatively: it is an attempt to take what she has learned from video, mirrors, and installations and bring those ideas back “home” to photography.

Margot received a 2005 GAP to help defray the costs of her Procreation Project, which examines reproduction and the modern science that surrounds it. As a photographer, Quan Knight’s conceptual images aim to bring surrealism to everyday life through extensive prop creation and digital manipulation. For this project, she will stage the discovery of fetus-eggs in a Bellevue lake. Frog like eggs that have been sculpted in clear plastic resin spheres will be photographed as part of the process. “In an era where stem cell research and the rights of the unborn drive heated personal and political debate, I hope to add fantasy to the discussion,” says Quan Knight.

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