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About the Artist

Matthew Williams is a freelance photographer currently based in Seattle, WA. His work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, TIME, Newsweek, The Washington Post,, The FADER,, Doubletruck Magazine, and FOTO8. In addition he is an alumni of the Eddie Adams Workshop as well as the recipient of several national awards for his work on the AIDS situation in Thailand. Throughout the years Matthew has developed a passion for telling the stories that effect people’s lives in profound ways; always striving to illustrate them in an illuminating manner.

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From the Artist

My eye has been an asset and a burden since I first discovered the influence a photograph could have on people and society. From the time when I first started taking pictures, I knew that the possible impact my photographs could have, and whom theycould impact would shape how and why I chose to photograph certain subjects. My passion for photography stems from the opportunity to illustrate larger social or humanitarian issues through a visual narrative. The role of a photographer is to capture a moment in time in a compelling and artistic way. Every frame I choose to create is an attempt to evoke an emotion in the viewer as well as illuminate the issue at hand in an artistic manner.

By combining classic photojournalism with the art of photography, I feel my subjects’ stories can be told in a powerful, yet eloquent manner. Over the past three years I have worked with AIDS patients in Thailand, families of soldiers who were killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the Native Americans living on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Throughout all of these experiences, I strove to illustrate a larger issue by illustrating my subjects’, oftentimes, very personal stories and struggles. I have not only gained access to people’s private lives, but also been trusted to eloquently tell stories that may not have been told before. Through my photographic narratives, I hope to create a greater understanding and awareness of humanity.

Matthew Williams