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About the Artist

Mia McNeal (Seattle) is a fine art photographer and video artist. Her lived experience in America has influenced how she comprehends the world. Through that lens, she documents the different human narratives. Mia’s projects respond to the intersections of history, memory, emotion, trauma, and identity. Her art practice explores a way of communication to empower marginalized communities, dismantle cultural barriers and facilitate discussion.

Mia received 2018 GAP Award funding to continue her project "Undefinable." The funding will cover film, printing, and exhibiting cost for her series of over a 100 different portraits. Through this, she aims to highlight the beauty, power, and uniqueness that is naturally exuded by women of color.

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From the Artist

I feel very blessed and honored to receive GAP funding. I am able to continue my progress with finishing "Undefinable" because of Artist Trust. I am so incredibly grateful for this support! It feels amazing to know that people believe in what I am trying to do.

Mia McNeal