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About the Artist

Mo! is a vocalist, organizer, and dance practitioner. Mo! grew up in Chicago, with a mom who broke out in song whenever something reminded her of a lyric and whose family had dancing at every occasion. Mo! attributes and thanks her family for these first artistic inspirations and practices. Mo! has been studying vocal music for 19 years, and dance for the past 11 years. For the past 7 years Mo! has been the vocalist of Seattle-based, People of Color punk band, My Parade.  Mo!’s work explores how explicit actions have implicit connections to our lived experiences as gendered and raced beings.

Mo! received 2016 GAP funding for I'm Still Listening, a musical project where she will produce seven songs in collaboration with other musicians. Through I’m Still Listening, she will be looking at how our experiences affect what we hear, don’t hear, and what we hope others will hear. The changes that will take place with the songs at the culminating performances will change what is highlighted about each song to exemplify the ways in which our hearing is often affected by external sources. The seven videos will be creating a visual landscape of this theme. Looking at how the discussion of Black Lives Matter, social justice as a word that is regularly part of presidential debates, and how our own city government battles with what it means to have an effective racial & social justice initiative, we are at an important place in time to pay attention to how and who controls what issues we hear and are moved to care about.

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