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About the Artist

Oleksandra Pryveda (Seattle) is a contemporary visual and textile artist who is highly skilled in several important Ukrainian art forms--the egg decorating tradition of pysanky, straw weaving, paper cutting, hand embroidery, and hand woven traditional clothing. Oleksandra was born in the Ukraine, and worked full-time as a traditional artist in Lviv Art Product Complex from 1976 to 1996. Since 1974 she has participated in international, national, and regional exhibitions. Her artwork can be found in private collections in the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Japan, Italy, the Czech Republic, France, the UK, the USA, Canada, and Austria. She moved to the USA in 2000.

As part of her Fellowship’s Meet the Artist requirements, Oleksandra presented two workshops in traditional Ukrainian pysanky (egg decorating) for members of the Makah tribe in Neah Bay. Read more about Oleksandra's Meet the Artist event.

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