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About the Artist

Preston Singletary (Seattle) and his work has become synonymous with the relationship between European glassblowing traditions and Northwest Native art. His artworks feature themes of transformation, animal spirits and crests, shamanism, basketry, and cultural components of his tribe through elegant blown glass forms and mystical sandcarved Tlingit designs.

Preston learned the art of glass blowing by working with artists in the Seattle area and Europe. He has been mentored by such Native artists as Joe David, Clarissa Hudson, and Norman Jackson. It is from these relationships that he has been working in the Northwest Coast style of form line design that is used in his artwork. With over 30 years of glassblowing experience, he maintains an active schedule by teaching and lecturing internationally, and his pieces are represented in museum collections all over the world. Preston's work was featured in an episode of Seattle Channel’s Art Zone in 2012, and he was a recipient of the Seattle Mayor's Arts Award in 2013. He is currently working on creating monumental glass sculptures and a multimedia museum exhibition illustrating the Tlingit legend of Raven and the Box of Daylight.

Preston received 2009 GAP Award funding for research expenses on Tlingit culture to enhance his art and provide a deeper cultural context in which to work. 

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