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About the Artist

Priscilla Dobler (Tacoma) is a visual artist who was born in Merida, Mexico. Her work explores the critical issues of her identity’s construction in a globalized society through her installations, sculptures, performances, film and fabric. Using her environmental surroundings, childhood memories, and collaborations with family members, she reconstructs objects that are symbolic representations of the different cultures that she identifies with. Functional objects are stripped down to their basic fundaments to reinterpret their meaning through new methods of construction. Themes addressed in her work are the tensions of personal struggle with alienation, borders, social inequality and juxtapositions within architectural spaces.

Priscilla received 2014 GAP funding for materials and labor assistance to create a life-sized, interactive, woven structure. The structure is based on a standard kitchen model and investigates cultural identity and community dialogues. The appliances and cabinets will be woven out of colorful cotton thread. For the past few months she has been video- and audio-recording her family’s interaction around the kitchen, which involves cooking, cleaning, eating and conversations. As the viewer walks into the woven kitchen, videos will be projected onto the structure and audio will be heard of conversations within that space.

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