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About the Artist

Since February 2003, Robert Zverina (Seattle) has filmed tens of thousands of unscripted digital video shorts using only an ever-present pocket camera. Of these, the best have been selected and compiled into the robZtv DVD series which reveals a visually exact, deeply involved and slightly eccentric view of the world. Inspired by a childlike sense of wonder as well as bemused curiosity about human behavior, Zverina hopes his “decisive moment” street photography approach to pocket video will change the way you see the world.

Robert received a 2005 GAP for the purchase of a new Macintosh computer with DVD burner and requisite processing power to manipulate the digital video files of his ongoing documentary project, of which 792 Short Films is the first release. To date the compilation has been shown at Northwest Film Forum, Consolidated Works, Howard House and Priceless Works in Seattle. “My ongoing work with extremely short films serves both aesthetic and historic functions,” notes Zverina, “while each piece is unique on its own, assembled together they become a chronicle of our times.”

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