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About the Artist

Seattle-based artist RYAN! Feddersen (Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation) creates multi-layered environments and interactive sculptures. Feddersen’s work is tongue-in-cheek, but with a pointed message. Feddersen provides opportunities for re-examination of shared histories through humor and fun, hands-on engagement. She has created large-scale interactive installations and site-specific pieces for the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Experience Music Project, Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Northwest Art, Henry Gallery, and Spokane Arts. 

Ryan Feddersen received 2016 GAP Funding for Unveiling the Romantic West, which she developed using thermochromatic ink, a material made transparent by body heat that has the capability to present overlapping narratives which are uncovered by touch. The piece will use interactivity through physical engagement as a way to disrupt the dominant narrative and unveil a deeper contextual understanding of a colonial history.

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From the Artist

Most of the work that I create is not commodity work. It doesn't fit over your couch, and it isn't made exclusivity for a privileged class who wants to collect culture. Community, activism and social inquiry are at the core of how I envision my practice, and without sources of funding outside the gallery model, I would not be able make the work that I do. Not sustainability, and not at the scale that gets it out of a gallery and into community. Artist Trust's funding has the power to change the way artists make work in order for it to also be financially viable. Thank you for helping me meet my goals as an artist.

Ryan Feddersen