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About the Artist

Sami Ben Larbi (Seattle) received his BFA in ceramics from the University of Washington in 2001. His inquiry-based installation work was most recently featured at Bumbershoot’s new media art exhibition this past summer. Recent work has been shown at such venues as Howard House Gallery and Consolidated Works among others. Sami's inflatable wear was featured in Thread’s Fashion Is Art exhibition and catalogue, both in 2003. His upbringing in France and Tunisia continues to influence his awareness of diversity as it relates to social and personal identity, themes explored in much of his artwork. Sami will have a new installation at Consolidated Works in early 2005 as part of the exhibit Ergonomicon.

Sami received 2006 GAP Award funding for the production of a large-scale installation to be shown at Lawrimore Project Gallery, Seattle, this winter. The works will involve video projection, audio and audience participation. GAP funding will be used for the fabrication of booths, purchase and modification of projectors and cameras and the rental of projectors and a telephone switchboard. 

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From the Artist

I am a French/Tunisian artist interested in the shaping of identity and how that identity is externalized and communicated through physical gesture, social interaction and imposed architectural and social limitations. My work is about the immediate physical experience of the viewers and how, through anonymity, their identities are transcribed through their actions.

Sami Ben Larbi