Award Winners / Artist Profile

About the Artist

Sandra Ayala is photographer originally from Bucaramanga, Colombia, specializing in landscape, portraits and night photography. A recent graduate from a photography certificate program at the University of Washington, she is especially proud of her landscape photography which she has spent the last several years refining through additional classes and plenty of practice. She has a keen eye for unique shots and combines this with exceptional patience in order to capture the perfect photo. Sandra believes her talent can bring awareness and positive effects into people’s lives.

Sandra received GAP 2016 funding for Living the American Dream: Stories of The Life Journey of The Immigrants Who Came to American to Improve Their Life. The photographic project highlights the barrier of language, culture, cuisine and different people adjusting to a new environment featuring interviews with successful Hispanic people living the American dream in Washington State such as: restaurant owners, fashion designers, mass media reporters, musicians and athletes. 

Information included above was provided by artist at the time of application.