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About the Artist

Sofia Lee (or “Sofi”) is a Seattle-based visual artist and GIF journalist. She is intensely fascinated by consumer culture, the perception of time and the way electronics shape our lives.

Sofia received GAP 2016 funding for KIN*WAV/ROOMWAVE Installation, a project that explores contemporary global culture's obsession with the aesthetics of "authenticity". The KIN*WAV installation highlights "digitally-rich slow living" values. As people's lives become more intertwined with technology and as more technology-critical media surfaces, she feels this installation is particularly crucial to spark a conversation about the way anti-technological sentiments intersect with the interests of capitalism and lack of accessibility of technology. KIN*WAV appropriates the style of #liveauthentic and subverts it with obsolete technology and inorganic elements, which it then asserts as being retro and authentic. In doing so, it is also asking questions pertinent to modern society about the illusion of a digital and organic divide and how this divide impacts our culture and the people within it.

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