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About the Artist

Steph Kesey is a multimedia artist working in video, sculpture and installation. Steph is one half the collaboration KeseyPollock; KeseyPollock’s gallery and public works have been supported by The MacDowell Colony, The Rasmuson Foundation, The Seattle Art Museum, 4Culture, The Municipality of Anchorage, The Alaska Park Foundation, and many others. Steph is currently working on a book of nonfiction and is an alumna of the Tin House Summer Workshop. Steph is originally from Seattle and studied film and media at La Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires.

Steph received GAP 2016 funding for her untitled book about the last year of her father’s life when he spiraled into a bipolar mania followed by a deep depression. This book is about the fun and horrific times that year; it is about their friendship. For Steph, writing this story clearly is a huge challenge for her, as there is a perverse impossibility to the compulsive capturing and reconstructing of memories inside the pages of a memoir: no matter how much she writes she will never take away the pain that so ravenously devoured him. Nor will she get her dad back. But by fearlessly examining, she will make something beautiful out of it. 

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From the Artist

I have been a visual artists working in sculptural installation and experimental film for over a decade. I have experienced many successes during this time (top-most funded sculpture Kickstarter, public commissions, MacDowell Residency, etc). My current project, a book-length written work is a (frighteningly!) large departure from my former works. It represents a bold artistic risk for me. Artist Trust is the first granting agency to support this project. The financial rewards are significant for obvious reasons. Perhaps of even more value is the institutional validation. As I continue this project, Artist Trust’s stamp will help open opportunities in the editing and publishing phases.

Steph Kesey