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About the Artist

Steven Markussen (Lake Forest Park) creates work about making social connection though objects made with his hands. There is a created and natural texture to each surfaces of his work that engages you. His works are pared-down structures made from natural and industrial materials. This frequently includes plaster, wood, wood ash, concrete, burlap, and varnish, layered or assembled in such a way to create texture, weight, and balance.

His current work is inspired by social challenges. This work is about expressing his attachment to a social challenge in subtle forms and brief messages buried in the work. In speaking about his paintings and sculpture, Steven says, “I hope this work reads as a personal impact statement.”

Steven received 2017 GAP Award funding for a series of paintings and sculpture based on how challenging survival is for the working poor. He will also use the funding to develop a professional website.

Information included above was provided by artist at the time of application.
From the Artist

What a gift. I am thankful for the financial support that GAP provides me. There is another type of aid that is equally important that I want to address as an emerging artist. The grant is reinforcement that my work is real. It means someone outside of myself thinks my work has community value. Being a recipient of this grant validates my progression as an artist. I want to thank everyone involved for your support. What a gift.

Steven Markussen