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About the Artist

SuttonBeresCuller (Seattle) is a trio of artists (John Sutton, Ben Beres and Zac Culler) who have worked collaboratively since 2000, when they met as students at Cornish College of the Arts. Together they create ways to engage viewers through mobile sculptures, street actions, and temporary site-specific installations. Flawless execution and craftsmanship distinguish their ambitious undertakings. They attract (sometimes unsuspecting) audiences to new readings of and approaches to political, social, cultural, and aesthetic issues. They are dedicated to a form of “public art” that is generous in nature, participatory for the willing, and refreshingly free of dogma for the uninitiated. These artists bring provocative art experiences to an expanded viewership.

SuttonBeresCuller received a 2013 GAP to develop new works--bronzes, mirror projects and new medium-scale projects--while working at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire. This year, the collective signed on to be represented by Greg Kucera Gallery, and they will focus on development of new work to show in the gallery in September of 2014.

SuttonBeresCuller received a 2010 GAP to help fund Work in Progress at Cornish College of the Arts. “The project will be interactive by nature. The installation in its entirety should feel like a grand experiment where boundaries between observer and subject become blurred. We intend to use the main gallery to create an immersive experience that will evolve over the six-week course of the exhibition and culminate in a new installation. Using simple materials, such as sheetrock, 2 x 4’s, plywood and paint, the initial exhibition will feel like an open studio environment with a factory aesthetic. Over time as the work evolves the transition from studio to gallery will evolve. Following an 80-foot track, a time-lapse camera will document every action in the space. Viewers who see the beginning of the project will see a completely different space each time they return as well as at the completion of the timeline. This project will culminate in a closing reception, with the participating community gathering to see the culmination and launch of the labored results. A video documentation will also exist based on the time-lapse footage taken throughout the process. This is a project about process, automatic building, time and labor.”

SuttonBeresCuller received a 2006 GAP to purchase materials for a large-scale installation that will feature “sculptural chunks of land that appear to be ripped from the earth, hovering above the gallery floor. A house with trees, sections of sidewalk and a fire hydrant will float in the main space surrounded by an ethereal fog and sound elements.” The show will also feature photographs of past performances as well as a new video installation. 

SuttonBeresCuller received a 2003 GAP to help defray the costs incurred from a series of mobile installations by the artist team. “On the back of a flatbed trailer, the installations will travel in the fashion of a turn-of-the-century carnival, arriving at each location every two months with a new installation for the public to view. The piece meets three goals we have set for ourselves: reaching a larger audience, inverting the traditional gallery experience, and taking art to the people who might not otherwise come into contact with it on their own.”

Artist's Addenda: SuttonBeresCuller received a 2008 Creative Capital artist grant and was given the Seattle Mayor’s Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs' 2008 CityArtist Projects award.

Information included above was provided by artist at the time of application.