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About the Artist

Tessa Hulls (Seattle) is an artist/writer/adventurer who is fascinated by the concept of home. After a year of travel that took her everywhere from Antarctica to Alabama to Alaska by means of bicycle, boat, and C-17 military transport plane, she is now happily back in Seattle. Tessa is dearly looking forward to a stationary winter spent sitting at her drafting table with Norbert, her dinosaur-shaped paintbrush holder, and an array of herbal teas.

Tessa received a 2012 GAP to help support her as she creates a non-fiction graphic novel about her five months spent working as a cook at McMurdo station in Antarctica. Traditionally a painter working almost entirely in gouache, she expected to be influenced by the stark landscape and romanticism of the frontier. Instead she found herself utterly transfixed by the bizarre community she encountered, and felt both inspired and obligated to document it.

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