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Therese Casper (Seattle) is an emerging filmmaker whose father, Piero Heliczer, was an almost forgotten Beat Poet and experimental filmmaker. Casper completed The Film Schools’ 3-week screen writing intensive program, as well as classes in film production, experimental media making and film editing at Northwest Film Forum, and the Seattle Film Institute. Her first short film, entitled Playland 2.0, featured Seattle artist Jen Dixon.  In early 2016, the Seattle Documentary Association hosted a work-in-progress screening for her film, the underground life of piero heliczer, and has also exhibited scenes from the film and Piero's art and ephemera at University of Washington's Jacob Lawrence Gallery.

Therese received GAP 2016 funding for, the underground life of piero heliczer (documentary film work-in-progress and multi-media exhibition). The project shows a work-in-progress of a documentary film to reveal the underground life of an almost forgotten Beat poet, Piero Heliczer, and asks the bigger questions about what it means to live an authentic life and the sacrifices that those around a creative artist endure. The film will feature several influential artists and critics from the Beat Generation and New America Cinema movement.

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From the Artist

As an emerging artist, receiving the Artist Trust grant not only gives me critical funds for my project but also gives me the recognition I need from the art community to continue my craft and raise more funds for the film.

Therese Casper