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About the Artist

Veronica Lee-Baik (Seattle) is a visual artist whose medium of choice is the body using it as a tool for dialogue with herself and the world. Her approach to movement activates the senses to become fully alive and involved. She founded The Three Yells to explore and translate social, political, and cultural issues through multidisciplinary performance. The Three Yells is a continual process of discovering her artistic voice as a choreographer and teacher.

In 2006, Veronica took a hiatus to bask in motherhood. Fueled with renewed vigor and knowledge, she returned to creating works that embodies her distinct choreographic voice, reflecting Western avant-garde styles through the prism of Asian aesthetics to engage audiences with bold, innovative performances. Lee-Baik has never been one to hew to traditions. Her idiosyncratic approach has been described as “a clear eye for an unusual landscape—her stage pictures are distinctive and disturbing.”

Veronica's James W. Ray Venture Project is "A Crack in the Noise," a collaborative artwork strengthened by artists from different backgrounds that shows what can be accomplished when differences unite rather than divide. The performance will blend elements of ballet, modern dance, and a wide range of Asian traditions to express the hope, survival, and desperation of such a journey. "As an immigrant artist, I hope this multi-media project will help raise awareness about the very real and pressing issues facing immigrants. In our country, immigrants have always been under attack, but today even our highest ranking officials give power to what used to be fringe voices," said Veronica. "I believe a work’s innovation and positive force is driven by its inclusion and experimentation with other art forms. I will continue this project through a collaborative platform combining dance, media, music, written text, and origami."

In 2015, Veronica received GAP Award funding to help produce "Her Name Is Isaac," an artistic collaboration which challenges viewers to re-think the emotional and physical response to viewing the female form.

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From the Artist

James W Ray has been described as one who “... invited everyone into his life with no judgments and recognized goodness when he saw it and potential where others didn't see it.” This legacy continues because the acknowledgement and privileges afforded by the Raynier Institute & Foundation, The Frye Art Museum and Artist Trust has liberated me as a woman artist, mother artist, immigrant artist, and minority artist. My work is an extension of who I am and what I care about. Thank you for letting my feet grace a moment as magical as this.

A very special thanks to Raynier Institute & Foundation for this award and The Frye Art Museum and Artist Trust. I am truly humbled to be amongst all the nominees and past recipients of the James W Ray Venture Project Award. Thank you also to the anonymous person who nominated me and presented this incredible opportunity. This generous support will allow creative freedom from budgetary weight, paving the way to full artistic freedom to communicate clearly and honestly the social and political issues that I care deeply about.

Veronica Lee-Baik