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About the Artist

Whitney Evans (Spokane) is an emerging ceramics artist but also works in digital art, incorporating photography, performance, and mixed media. She received a BFA with honors at Eastern Washington University in 2018. Born and raised in Washington State, her color palette incorporates the Pacific Northwest. She is inspired by 80’s to 90’s grunge subculture which influences her to generate humor and sarcasm while incorporating autobiographical experiences.

Whitney received 2018 GAP Award funding for equipment and tools for her home studio. She will now be able to get the necessary technology and equipment for 2D and 3D works. It will also give her tools to make collaboration projects with other local artists.

Information included above was provided by artist at the time of application.
From the Artist

I'm very thankful for the 2018 GAP Award and the opportunity to grow as an artist! With the award I am able to buy the technology, tools, supplies, and equipment that I couldn't afford. The 2018 GAP award opens many doors for me, with digital art and mixed media.

Whitney Evans