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Art! Vancouver 2017 | Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

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Vancouver Convention Centre
West Building, 3C1,
1055 Canada Pl,
Vancouver, BC V6C

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Event Fee

Online: $15.00
Door: $25.00
Opening Night Gala (May 25th): $30.00
3 Day Pass: $40.00
VIP: $100.00

Event Information

Art! Vancouver plays a host to a world-class art event featuring reputable galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world. Building on Vancouver’s thriving arts scene, Art! Vancouver allows art enthusiasts and collectors to immerse themselves in a wide array of beautiful artwork.

Held under the sails at the Vancouver Convention Centre (East) for the third Consecutive year, Art! Vancouver will take place over the duration of four days:

May 25th - 5pm-7pm (VIP & Press) 7pm-10pm (Public)
May 26th & 27th - 11am-7pm
May 28th - 11am-5pm

Interested disciplines

Visual Arts