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Coffee Talk with Artist Trust: Making a Statement

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Mineral School
114 Mineral Rd S
Mineral, Washington 98355

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Join Artist Trust’s Katy Hannigan from Artist Trust for a free and informative talk aimed at helping artists learn to present themselves as creators. Whether writing an artist statement on a grant application or explaining technique to a potential customer, many creative people struggle to find the right words to describe the message they hope to convey through art. Katy will share tips and best practices to help artists position themselves for success with funders and buyers of their work. Coffee and doughnuts will be served.

Interested disciplines

All Disciplines, Artists with Disabilities, Arts-Related, Craft, Dance, Design, Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Film/Media Arts, Folk/Traditional Arts, Literary Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts, Music, Performing Arts, Photography, Public Art, Theater, Visual Arts, Non-Profit Orgs.