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Pattern, Rhythm, Repetition | Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery, Seattle

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Facèré Jewelry Art Gallery
1420 5th Ave, #108
Seattle, WA 98101

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Free. Please RSVP for the Wednesday, August 2, opening lecture and reception.

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What do animal prints, chain mail, and nautiluses have in common? - Pattern, Rhythm, Repetition — Facèré presents an exhibition of nine jewelry artists exploring the organic, mathematical, and architectural—from texture to statement—from simple to complex.

Featuring: Dan Adams & Cynthia Toops, Elisa Bongfeldt, Nancy Megan Corwin, Lucie Heskett-Brem, David Licata, Sarah Loertscher, Sharon Massey, Tiff Massey, and Carla Pennie McBride.

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Arts-Related, Craft, Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Visual Arts