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Sarah D. King / Opening Reception for “Emergence”

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Windermere Mount Baker:
4919 S Genesee St
Seattle, WA 98118

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Photographer and Artist Trust Visual Edge graduate, Sarah D. King, brings together two distinct bodies of work for a solo show presented by Windermere Mt. Baker.  The two collections of work presented satisfy and represent the dual nature of Sarah’s photographic pursuits and aesthetics. “Visum” represents her on-going exploration of personal, sacred spaces and her desire to carve paths through memory and experience for the individuals who occupy those spaces. “Emergence” began as a playful abstraction of her perceptive experience as an artist. It is a whimsical dive into her fascination with perception not only as it relates to our visual field but also as it functions as a metaphor for our psychological depth and complexity.

January-March 2018

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