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MaryEllen Stone is seeking submissions for inclusion in her upcoming book In the “I” of the Storm—Stories of Thanks-Giving, a sequel to Run in the Path of Peace—the Secret of Being Content No Matter What.

Guidelines:  “In the ‘I’ of the Storm” will be a collection of real-life accounts of individuals who have faced adversity, or who are in the midst of trying circumstances. Stories must be non-fiction between 1,500 - 3,000 words. Narratives must embrace and reflect the message of “Run in the Path of Peace”. Stories can be in first or third person, but not previously published. Submissions must be accompanied by a completed submission form. For additional information and form email MaryEllen at: In the email subject bar write: Storm Submission Form
Submissions not meeting requirements will not be considered. Submission deadline is September 1, 2012.

Rights:  One-time rights.

Payment:  Three stories will be chosen for special recognition. Authors selected for this honor will receive $50 and three copies of In the “I” of the Storm. All other authors whose stories are chosen for publication will receive two copies of the book.

Resource:  “Run in the Path of Peace—the Secret of Being Content No Matter What” will prove invaluable in preparation for submission. It is available at in both paperback and ebook. To assist writers, MaryEllen has made the ebook available until April 5, 2012 for free checkout through Amazon’s Kindle Lending Library at:

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