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Art+798, China / Seeks Digital, Cartoons & Animations Artists


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Call for Digital,Cartoons & Animations Artist teaching via Online platform based in Beijing, China

Paid opportunities for artists, arts educators, illustrators and creative people from around the world to collaborate with Art+798 on a number of ongoing arts projects including:

Art+798 Online Arts Education Platform: leading arts workshops through live video streaming and pre-recorded video content.

We are particularly interested in workshops themed around children’s books, illustration and cartooning.

We’re currently seeking artists from all over the world to collaborate with for Art+798  online art platform, providing kids access to art workshops, inspiration and interaction with international artists all year-round.

As an  ART+798  artist, you’ll get paid to lead workshops based on your own art practice via live video streaming or pre-recorded video content, from the comfort of your own studios! Which means, you can be based anywhere in the world and still get involved with ART+798.

In addition many of our online artists also have an opportunity to participate in 798 International Children’s Art Festival 798 ICAF) in Beijing,China with funding for travel, accommodation and a daily artist fee to attend one of the ART+798 ICAF festival events to lead workshops on-site! 

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