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VALA Eastside, Redmond / Game On!  / Call for Artists

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VALA Eastside is seeking artwork for the exhibition Game On! The Art of Game Design that will present a dynamic behind the scenes look at the artwork and visual design process used during the creation of video games, from first concept sketches to final production. This is a regional show, representing artists or teams who are working in the Pacific Northwest – for this exhibition the definition of this area includes Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Artists of every background, race, gender, ethnic heritage and ability-level are strongly encouraged to apply. We aim to represent diversity in the artwork by presenting a balance of traditional and non-traditional approaches to narratives, design and game play including indie game design. Artwork and assets from the different phases of game design, development and production will be accepted in a variety of formats, including concept sketches, physical and digital models, environment paintings, storyboards, character designs, as well as highlights of final games, both video-captured and playable. Artwork will be presented framed on walls, projected on screens and presented on a variety of digital media types and viewing devices.

The artwork we are seeking for Game On! will represent one or more of the following:

- demonstrate the intersection of art and technology in the game industry
- represent game design through a broad spectrum of artwork in various mediums and formats
- demonstrate current and near-future technology platforms
- showcase alternative approaches to game design
- feature artwork/assets from games that are already released
- feature artwork/assets from games that are not yet released or widely known
- As part of the exhibition experience, Game On! will display game artwork and visual assets in various mediums and on a variety of platforms: we are open to tabletop, PC and mobile, virtual reality and mixed/augmented reality as applicable.

Eligible media

Design, Emerging Fields & Cross-Disciplinary, Film/Media Arts