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GZ-BASEL 2017   4th edition 13 - 16 JUNE 2017
An der Messe, Schönaustrasse 10 , 4058 Basel , Switzerland
It is no casuality that we planned our event from 13 - 16 June. The period in which Basel is the host of world’s most prestigious art fairs like Art Basel, Scope, Liste, Volta and others..
We open this year the 4th edition of GZ-BASEL 2017 in the event venue of the well known DORINT hotel, situated just 500 meter from Messeplatz (Art Basel)
An excellent opportunity for individual artists to form part of the Basel panorama during this important week and to have a direct contact with the same public that is frequenting the main fairs and exhibitions.

Criterions and content:
We are selecting professional and innovative works of all media and any origin. At the same time we accentuate the diversity as characteristic of the global reality. 
Our thought is that art should transmit a recognizable meaning and particular vision of the creator.

Eligible media

All Disciplines, Visual Arts