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Endangered Species Coalition, Washington DC / Youth Art Contest / Call for Jurors

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The Endangered Species Coalition is looking for a group of volunteer teaching artists and art teachers to be preliminary judges for the 2018 Saving Endangered Species Art Contest. The contest is central to the 13th annual Endangered Species Day on May 18, 2018

Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest prospective volunteer juror information:
-Contest entries will be in four grade categories - K-2,3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. There are normally between 350-500 entries per/grade for ~1500 total entries.
-We will meet once, in person in Seattle, and review the entries as a group. Before this meeting, individuals will review work from their assigned grade category narrow their selections and share their recommended finalists (~10-20) with the whole group. This process will happen sometime in early March 2018.
- Our purpose is to narrow down the entries to 40 total. From there, this group of 40 artworks will be shared with the final judges (a separate group of people), who will select the contest winners
-We would like to hear from those with interest and hope to confirm preliminary judges- ideally 4-5 people- by early-mid January.

Eligible media

Visual Arts