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Annual Artist Survey

2018 Artist Survey

Taiji Miyasaka (2018 Fellowship), Night Blooming (detail), 2015. Photo: Vlanka Catalan.

Introduction to the 2018 Annual Artist Survey

During the summer of 2018, 1,801 artists from across Washington State participated in the Artist Trust Annual Survey. Results of this annual survey allow us to better understand the artists we serve and share information from responding artists with other artist-serving organizations. With greater knowledge about the needs of artists around the state, we can all work to provide better support and further elevate the voices of Washington’s artists.

Respondents to the 2016 & 2017 Annual Artist Surveys indicated a high need for trainings on promoting their work and building audience, in addition to topics like pursuing opportunities and business management. In 2018, respondents expressed the same needs and were given the opportunity to provide more personal context through open response fields.

We invite you to read and share the findings of the full report, which you can find here. A quick one-page snapshot can be found here

If you have questions, or want to talk more about the survey, please email Program Manager Lydia Boss at