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Art Farm Artist Residency Program, NE

Art Farm’s artist residency program is for professionals, emerging or established, in all areas of the arts and humanities; offering accommodations and studio space to pursue their art in exchange for a contribution of labor of 12 hours per week to help renovate and maintain Art Farm’s buildings and grounds as well as other projects, suited to skills and temperament.

All who apply need to be self-motivated and resourceful and appreciate a quiet working environment. Art Farm’s location is semi-isolated and rural and because of this condition, co-operation, social tolerance and an ability to share tasks is helpful.

Art Farm’s artist residencies are available between 1 June and 1 November, with accommodations available for up to twelve residents at one time: collaborators and couples are welcome to apply.

Residencies are also offered to families/partners with up to two children in approximately 2000 square feet of studio and living space consisting of kitchen, bath, sitting and dining, two second floor private bedrooms and a fourth floor master bedroom with panoramic views of the countryside. The studio is on the third floor. If there are no children, then the two private bedrooms are given to other residents and they would share your living space as well.

When applying, consider that it might take a little time to adjust to the environment, particularly if you are new to Nebraska, and if you are planning a large outdoor project, the weather may not always be your cooperative companion.

Art Farm Artist Residency Program