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Article: Finding Health Care

Miguel Guillen

In any medical emergency always dial 911. If you are not sure if you should call, go ahead and call and let them evaluate your situation. Identify and have ready directions to your nearest hospital emergency room. Remember that sometimes hospital bills can be negotiated. Ask for a hospital representative that can discuss options for payment.

If you find yourself in emotional crisis call the Crisis Clinic at 1/866/427-4747. Their trained staff will provide you immediate and confidential assistance 24 hours a day.

Washington Association of Community Health Centers. These health centers provide both medical and dental services. Their website provides maps to the health centers and describes which centers provide which services. The health centers can provide you with care regardless of your ability to pay. It is good to call ahead and learn the policies of individual centers to help expedite your receiving medical attention.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive health care. Their health care professionals are dedicated to offering men, women, and teens medical care and affordable products.

Retainer Care Practices are a model of care in which physicians charge a predetermined fee to patients for all primary care services provided in their offices, regardless of the number of visits. These practices are structured as membership programs with patients paying a monthly or annual membership fee for services and amenities, with some practices focusing on affordability. As important to understanding what retainer medicine practices are, it is equally important to understand what they are not. Retainer practices are not the kind of comprehensive package we normally think of as "insurance." They offer coverage for primary care services only and are offered by the doctor or medical clinic, not by an insurance company or health plan.

Qliance is a medical practice that operates under the retainer care model. While Artist Trust does not endorse Qliance, or any other specific products or services available in the marketplace, we encourage you to investigate this new option to see how it may meet your healthcare needs.

Insurance brokerage firms can assist you in locating insurance options. While Artist Trust does not endorse any specific products or services we are currently suggesting Kibble & Prentice to help you locate an insurance product suitable to your particular needs and budget.

Washington Health Plan Finder offers a direct service program that assists families and individuals in finding appropriate health care regardless of ability to pay.

The Washington State Health Care Authority offers the Washington Prescription Drug Program. It is open to all Washington State residents who do not have prescription drug insurance coverage, or whose insurance does not cover all their prescription drug needs. There are no other eligibility requirements or fees required for membership in the WPDP.