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Multi-discipline: INSCAPE

INSCAPE creates a forum for possibilities; a collaboration with artists and artisans, creative individuals and organizations, the neighborhood and the city, to build a mutually supportive alliance that engages the Greater Seattle community in the experience of art and the celebration of culture. INSCAPE reinvigorates the building and the neighborhood, bringing new life to the district with a renewed spirit created by the investment of the entire community in culture, arts, preservation and engagement.

With upwards of 125 tenants in 77,000 square feet of historic space, Inscape is the largest arts and culture enclave in Seattle. Small, creative businesses, individuals and non profit organizations with a focus in arts and culture use the space to facilitate and fabricate artistic work as well as design, build, and present creative and cultural endeavors. Artists and artisans of all disciplines are working throughout the building, bringing each individual’s dynamic energy to the space and collaborating to manifest a community born of creativity and steeped in a rich cultural history. Work spaces range in size from a few hundred square feet up to a few thousand, with an indeterminate amount of variation based on the configurations in place as well as the redesign of some spaces for the specific needs of tenants.

We continue to bring as many unique disciplines into the building as possible, including performance art and theatre, music and dance, sculpture, painting and photography, architecture and design, digital media and a wide variety of other mediums of creative expression. With a collective of such magnitude and interest, we engage the greater community with performances, exhibitions, events and open houses, inviting the public to come and experience the arts in the place where they are made..

INSCAPE Arts Studio Building
815 Seattle Blvd
Seattle WA 98134