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The Bogliasco Foundation Residency, Italy

The Bogliasco Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that supports the Arts and Humanities by providing residential Fellowships at its study center in Italy’s most vibrant, historic crossroads, where gifted artists and scholars of all cultures come together to connect, create and disseminate significant new work.

For Bogliasco Fellows, the time and space to create in complete freedom, combined with the thought-provoking company of varied colleagues in an unforgettable setting, results in astounding productivity, novel approaches and often-unexpected collaborations. Fellows and the projects they develop in Bogliasco continue to enrich the global cultural landscape: stimulating exchange, exploring aesthetic experience, seeking knowledge, breaking down barriers, urging us to understand ourselves and each other better.

In 18 years of operations, the Bogliasco Foundation has awarded Fellowships to nearly 800 individuals from 55 countries.

The Bogliasco Foundation