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Photography: Wall Space Gallery

Wall Space is a gallery focused on photography, featuring new and emerging artists.

The gallery looks beyond traditional gelatin silver process and looks toward the future of expression meshing both traditional and alternative techniques. Wall space looks to expand the creative arts, working with a new breed of artist, photojournalist, storyteller and technician.

Technology has given us new tools to create images, both fanciful and imaginative, as well as enhancing the traditional image. The goal is to provide art that trancends its medium, not to make technology the focus.

Wall Space started as a simple concept:

Give artists an opportunity to hang their vision, their dreams, their ideas and stories on the wall. Let the artist speak. The images have a voice. wall space provides the images and the artists a chance to speak.


509 Dexter Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 330-9137
Wall Space Gallery