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2016 Artist Trust Annual Report

Pablo Schugurensky

Board President

Dear artists, art-lovers, supporters, and friends,

In 2016 we celebrated the first 30 years of Artist Trust. The anniversary serves as a marker – really; an exclamation point – not only to reflect and celebrate the accomplishments to date but also to chart and track future activities.

Indeed, 2016 was a momentous year for Artist Trust: we released our Strategic Plan and Equity framework.

The plan allows us to reflect and align our activities with our values:“Artist Trust is OPEN, TRANSPARENT, RESPONSIVE, and FORWARD-THINKING in all we do. These values drive our actions and decisions, and are woven into our mission and goals.” The Equity framework reflects our strong commitment to be aware, inclusive, and fair, in all aspects or racial equity. The board and staff is engaged in productive dialogue and is enthusiastic to continue this work.

The 30th anniversary celebration took form in several events, including Artist Trust on Tour, which brought awardees in various disciplines to present their work in several locations throughout Washington State, and culminated in a joyous party at V2 where we announced the Campaign for a Creative Future.
The campaign will raise a total of $3.5 million dollars to establish a $2.5 million Fund for Grants and a $1 million Venture Fund. The full board contributed to the campaign and we thank our major donors who stepped in early… and we thank in advance all of you who will join in to help make Artist Trust a sustainable and viable resource for artists.

On that note, in 2016 we awarded over $350,000 to 85 artists, and served another 3,100 artists with programming and resources. This year we made great strides in the effort to fulfill our statewide mission, due in great part to the effort of staff and the Artist Trust Spokane satellite office.

We are truly grateful to do this important work.

These 30 years show that it is possible for a community to value its artists and support them to do their work, and that is the message we are proud to spread around Washington State.

  Pablo Schugurensky
  Board President
  Artist Trust