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A Letter from Valerie Curtis-Newton

Valerie Curtis-Newton

I make Art. It is my action, how my activism shows itself. I have become an activist artist, committed to the idea that art should connect us, and remind people of disparate and diverse backgrounds of their shared humanity. I believe that to achieve this ideal, the work must be relevant to the lives of people today, ask fundamental questions, and invite response from and within its audiences, artfully and with a demonstrated mastery of craft. Artist Trust helps make that possible.

I want my community to sit together and hear new stories that inspire them to greater kindness, greater compassion for each other. And because kindness and compassion in action look like courage, I also want to make my community brave. Which, of course, begs the question, “How can I be brave?” There is nothing that takes as much courage as creating something from nothing and showing it to the world. Artist Trust’s commitment and generosity have encouraged me to take that leap.

Support from Artist Trust paved the way for me to reinvent myself and tell new stories. I know there are thousands of other Washington State artists who need the support Artist Trust provides, support that is made possible because of donors like you. With national arts funding under threat, your support is more meaningful now than ever. Donate to Artist Trust today and your generosity will encourage artists like me to be brave, take leaps, build understanding, and inspire our communities to do the same.


Valerie Curtis-Newton

PS— Artists like Valerie need your support more than ever before. Donate to Artist Trust by November 30 and your donation will be matched. Donate online at Artist Trust can also accept gifts of stock or securities, or be named a beneficiary in your will.

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