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Affordable Healthcare: New Options for Artists

Peter Donnelly

Program Intern

Artist Trust Program Associate Michele Landsaat registers participants at the Affordable Healthcare workshop for artists. photo: Lila Hurwitz

This past Columbus Day at Seattle City Hall, artists slowly trickled in—some in groups, some in pairs, and some on their own—all eager to figure out how the new Affordable Care Act would affect them. The auditorium was full with 200 buzzing artists, each armed with notepads, laptops and tablets. It was clear that even though their disciplines varied widely, everyone had questions about just what the impending healthcare changes would mean for them.

James Whitfield, President of the Washington Health Foundation, easily demystified the process for everyone in the room. With great clarity and a great sense of humor, he helped dispel any myths floating around about “Obamacare” and broke down how the new law will affect people of all income levels. By the end of the talk, everyone seemed to walk away with a clearer understanding of what their next step was and how to go about getting covered by the beginning of next year. Several artists stuck around after the lecture to meet up with In-Person Assistors from King County Public Health and Personal Health Advocates from the Washington Health Foundation to help get them covered and answer their individual questions.

Ultimately the event was a big success and proved to be a valuable resource for many artists. Thank you so much to the staff, volunteers, and guests who helped make this event happen! A huge thanks our partners: Washington Health Foundation; Public Health Seattle-King County; Office of Arts & Culture; 4Culture; ArtsWA.

A video recording of James Whitfield’s presentation is on the Seattle Channel website.

Here’s to affordable healthcare for artists!

Healthcare Coverage Rollout Dates:
  • September 1, 2013: Call Centers Open
  • October 1, 2013: Open Enrollment
  • January 1, 2014: Coverage Begins

Check out these great healthcare resources:
  • Health Options: A list of resources and articles on a variety of healthcare needs.
  • If you have any questions, you can reach one of the Washington Health Foundation’s Personal Health Advocates at 855-WA-HEALTH free of charge.
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