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Behind the Curtain: James W. Ray Award Exhibits at the Frye Art Museum

Megan Gallagher

Content Contributor

Storme Webber, All My Daddies Were Butches, Digital print with poem, 2015.

The last Behind the Curtain post explored how Artist Trust works with and supports artists throughout the James W. Ray Awards process. This is only one half of the awards, which Artist Trust presents in consortium with the Frye Art Museum.

Each year, the Frye Art Museum offers the James W. Ray award recipients an opportunity to present an exhibition at the museum. These exhibitions symbolize the culmination of the award recipients’ projects and serve to advance and document the artists’ creative work. Exhibitions and programming at the Frye also provide the award recipients opportunities to connect with broader audiences and deepen their ties to the community.

The process for organizing the James W. Ray award recipient exhibitions begins over a year in advance of their opening to the public. Frye Art Museum staff meet with the artists to discuss how to display their work in a museum setting, ideas for the exhibition, and possible programs to complement the exhibition. Once the staff and recipients have developed an initial concept, the Frye Art Museum assigns a guest or in-house curator to help the award recipients and museum staff refine and realize the project.

Throughout the planning process, the Frye also offers recipients professional guidance, project management and funding to create new work for the exhibition.
To learn more about the Frye Art Museum and their current exhibitions, visit their website.

• Alison (Bremner) Marks – One Gray Hair (November 11, 2017 – Feburary 4, 2018)
• Storme Webber – Casino: A Palimpsest (August 5 – October 29, 2017)
• Cris Bruch – Others Who Were Here (January 30 – March 27, 2016)
• Jessika Kenney – Anchor Zero (January 10 – February 1, 2015)

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