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Carole d’Inverno & Bill Frisell Talk About Vision, Risk & Support

Carole D'inverno & Bill Frisell

photos: Monica Jane Frisell

The artist life is just a human life. We do not have special talents or gifts; we have a passion for what we do. We simply can’t not make art! —Carole d’Inverno

Risk drives the evolution of ideas. Support helps artists pursue their vision and take risks. By funding artistic risk, you fuel the creative voices of the musicians, painters, performers, writers, and all artists who are essential to enriching our community and defining our cultural legacy. By making a gift today, you are the investor that boosts an artist’s capacity to generate new work. Your support provides both the professional resources that grow an artist’s next opportunity, and the grants that funds the creative process.

We consider Artist Trust a vital part of our community of artists, and are writing to tell you why. We know of countless projects that have been brought to fruition thanks to Artist Trust and donors like you. We know how important it is to receive support along the way. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Bill: For as long as I can remember, music has been in my life. It’s pretty much all I’ve ever done. It didn’t start out as a “career” and I still don’t (deep down) think of it that way. The guitar gave me a voice. I’ve been so fortunate, in so many ways, having the opportunity to spend my life in music. Getting started, and having the conīŦdence to stay on the path, is not easy. It’s so fragile, easily broken. All along the way, whenever I’ve gotten discouraged, or scared, or lost, there’s always been someone there, right when I need them. Most artists need support and encouragement-the slightest nudge can make the difference as to whether or not something wonderful sees the light of day. I am so thankful Artist Trust is here pushing in the right direction. 

Carole: Creativity is always there, and risk-taking is the doorway. Simply put, I think that risk-taking is the making of art, allowing us to enter new spaces and alter our thinking. When my artistic process becomes too familiar, I feel uncomfortable, and need to look for information that will open new pathways. New interests push me deeper into my process and diffuse the anxieties I might feel when a shift in my work is coming. Risk-taking for me is not even a conscious process, but it is the process of art-making. It is needed to access my imagination.

We both know that as a donor, you are directly responsible for developing our artistic community and helping Washington State to be a vital place for the arts. On behalf of the thousands of artists that are supported by Artist Trust each year, we both thank you for your generosity!

Carole D’Inverno & Bill Frisell

P.S. Your support will make a difference to thousands of artists in Washington State. Will you consider giving a gift today? You will help deliver crucial programs that allow individual artists to succeed. Your gift will help Artist Trust receive a matching grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust in support of delivering career training to artists statewide.

The slightest nudge of encouragement can make the difference as to whether or not wonderful art sees the light of day. I am so thankful Artist Trust is here pushing artists in the right direction.—Bill Frisell