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Many thanks to you, 2017 GiveBIG Donors!

Sonja Roach

Development Manager

Artist Trust staff on GiveBIG day. Photo by Erika Enomoto.

During GiveBIG on May 10th, Artist Trust’s amazing community of donors raised $9,421.26. With matching funds of $6,495 from our board of trustees and friends, our total is $15,916.26.

Thank you to the following donors for making this year’s GiveBIG a huge success, underwriting 10 Grants for Artist Projects!

Lynn Adams
Francie Allen
Heather Allen-Lilly
Ginger and Parks Anderson
Claudia Bach
Kimberly Bateman
Wally and Julie Bivins
Antonia Blume
Jennifer Campbell
Margaret Carter
Nancy Chang*
Carl Chew
Barbara Courtney
Andrew Creech
Katie Creyts
Robin Dearling
Dottie Delaney
Cora Edmonds and Phil P. Crean
Stephanie Ellis-Smith and Doug Smith*
Gary Epstein and Susan Kunimatsu
Kathi J. Erickson
Alma Feldpausch
Bridget Fischer
Kathleen Fowells
Richard Freedman (In Memory of Jennifer Smith)
Cristina Friday
David Gloger and Meegan McKiernan
Kristina Goetz (In Honor of the Artist Trust Development Team)
Salyna Gracie
Joy Hagen
Shannon Halberstadt
Ronald Hammond (In Honor of Ezra Dickinson)
Toby Harris
Pamela Hastings
Heather Joy Helbach-Olds*
Tina Hoggatt
Sibyl James
Lisa Jaret
Zabrina Jenkins
Michael Lane and Paul D. McKee
Gar and Barbara LaSalle*
Larry Laurence
Carol Levin
Len Lewicki*
Daniel Loewenstein
John Lucas
Linera Lucas
Frederick Mendoza
Maya Mendoza-Exstrom
Natalie Miller
Suzanne Moore
Quinton Morris and Thomas Grant*
Byron and Phyllis Olson*
Susie Parrent
Steven Peters
Robert Pillitteri
Michael Reid
Barbara Renfrow-Baker
Patricia Resseguie
Perri Rhoden (In Honor of the Artist Trust Development Team)
Paula Riggert
Grant Robinson
Brian Rothstein
Paul Rucker
Lillian Ryan
Line Sandsmark
Cathy Sarkowsky
Pablo Schugurensky and Renata Tatman
Gautam SenGupta
Kimberly Shine
Kathleen A. Smith
Darby Smith (In Honor of Artist Trust Staff)
Larie H. Smoyer
Julia Sokolova
Sheila Sondik
Joannie Stangeland
Asia Tail
Timea Tihanyi
Tanya Trejo and Keane Watterson*
MegganJoy Trobaugh
Kenneth Turner
Lorraine Vagner*
Susan Wagner
Brenda J. Walker
Beth Warshaw (In Honor of Kristina Goetz)
Rebecca Watson
Charlotte Watts
Kristen Webb and David Schooler
Bryan Webster
Lynne White
Sally and Bryan Yates

*Matching pool donor