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Meet the Artist: Anne Drew Potter Does Dada at Nova

Rebecca Lund

Communications & Programs Intern

Nova student Amelie Betting's untitled collage. photo: Anne Drew Potter

For her Meet the Artist event, Anne Drew Potter conducted a visiting artist workshop in Karen Kosoglad’s printmaking class at Nova High School in Seattle. The workshop, (de)Constructing Identity, began with a brief presentation by Potter in which she presented her own work and that of one of her primary sources, the German Dadaist, Hannah Hoch. Both Potter’s and Hoch’s work address questions of identity and how these relate to the body and image politics, critical issues for teenagers. The presentation was used as a springboard for a collage project completed by the students during the following weeks, in which they utilized a variety of source material, both contemporary and historical, to address and express themes of identity they found personally meaningful. 

Kosoglad, as well as the students, were thrilled with the making process and the artwork produced, and Potter has been asked to collaborate with Nova’s science and art teachers to create a new course called Creation Through Science and Art.


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Artist Trust’s Meet the Artist program is an integral component of the annual Artist Trust Fellowships. Every Fellowship recipient presents an event outside of their geographic area of residence or to a community that would not ordinarily have access to their work. Meet the Artist bridges our artistic community with the diverse communities in Washington State, increasing awareness about the vital roles the arts and artists play in our culture.