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Meet the Artist: Oleksandra Pryveda

Oleksandra Pryveda

2013 Fellowship Recipient

Makah and Ukrainian traditions come together beautifully.

For my Meet the Artist event, I was invited by Makah traditional artist Melissa Peterson-Renault to teach two workshops in traditional Ukrainian pysanky (egg decorating) in Neah Bay, for members of the Makah tribe. Melissa and several other tribal members have Ukrainian heritage in their background, so they had a special interest to learn this traditional art form. Other tribal members were interested in learning about something new they had never tried before. We were lucky to partner with Northwest Heritage Resources, which supports programs by traditional artists in rural and underserved communities throughout Washington.

I taught one workshop after school for children, and another in the evening for adults. We also had a special Meet the Artist dinner, where I had a chance to visit with the adults who took the evening workshop. Many were Makah traditional artists (basketmakers, etc.). I found that the Makah tribal members who took the workshops were some of the most highly skilled of any students I have ever taught (both adults and children). I was amazed at how well their eggs turned out – for their very first try. They told me how much they enjoyed the workshop and that they wanted to do it again soon, possibly even displaying some of their eggs for the local community.


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Artist Trust’s Meet the Artist program is an integral component of the annual Artist Trust Fellowships. Every Fellowship recipient presents an event outside of their geographic area of residence or to a community that would not ordinarily have access to their work. Meet the Artist bridges our artistic community with the diverse communities in Washington State, increasing awareness about the vital roles the arts and artists play in our culture.