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Olivier Wevers: Be a Creative Catalyst!

Olivier Wevers

Artist Trust Grant Recipient

photo: Marc Von Borstel

I know you value the contributions artists make to our quality of life. You also understand the funding challenges artists and organizations like Artist Trust face today. This vital organization needs your contribution to continue their essential programs. Donations from individuals like you are needed more than ever.

Artist Trust’s support helped me realize my vision of starting a dance company. To dance is to become something else, escape your own body and limitations. You push yourself physically and mentally and it is like re-discovering life as someone else.
The Artist Trust Fellowship that I received was one of the pivotal factors that allowed me to follow my vision of starting my dance company, Whim W’Him. I am so grateful for this vote of confidence.
Artist Trust needs an additional $100,000 this fiscal year to continue their essential programs that support Washington artists of all disciplines. The Board of Directors have generously committed $50,000 to date. I’m asking you to join them by giving a gift to support the Fellowships, Grants for Artist Projects, and the business training offered through the Creative Career Center. Take pride in the fact that you are directly responsible for the vibrant artistic scene that is flourishing around our state.
On behalf of myself and the thousands of artists that are supported by Artist Trust, thank you for your generosity.

Olivier Wevers
Founder/Artistic Director, Whim W’Him

P.S. Please send in your gift today. Experience the gratification of being a creative catalyst through your support of Artist Trust.