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Pat Graney on Recognizing & Supporting Artists

Pat Graney

Artist Trust Arts Innovator Award & GAP Recipient

Pat Graney, House of Mind, 2011-12. [from right] Jenny Peterson, Sara Jinks, Sruti Desai, Trinidad Martinez, Jody Kuehner. Photo courtesy of John Michael Kohler Art Center, Sheboygan, WI.

The contributions artists make to enrich our communities and culture cannot be underestimated. You understand the importance of supporting and recognizing individual artists. By making a gift today, you make possible the opportunity for thousands of Washington State artists of all types to create new works and sustain art-making careers.

Artist Trust is one of the few organizations that underscores the idea that individual artists deserve support. I first heard about Artist Trust at its inception over 25 years ago, and I remember thinking, “Fabulous idea, of course we need an ‘Artist Trust.’” It wasn’t until much later that I realized how truly unusual it was to have an organization serving artists directly. It’s a brilliant, simple, incredible idea that Artist Trust exists solely to support artists—it’s a gem.

I have always felt a need to create work—and that need has been spurred on by the recognition of that creative work. When an artist is working alone for long periods of time, every moment seems a critical juncture. The importance of recognition and validation of the work along the way cannot be underestimated.

One of the first major awards I received was a Choreography Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1983. I remember how that felt—like someone else in the world knew about and supported my work and I no longer felt so completely isolated. It invigorated me. Those NEA Fellowships no longer exist, but Artist Trust’s still do. In 2012, I received Artist Trust’s Arts Innovator Award, and this year I received a Doris Duke Performing Artist Award. After all these years, the recognition still sustains me.

The support I have received has enabled me to continue to create work that is, I hope, enriching the culture in Washington State. I know there are thousands of other Washington State artists who need the support Artist Trust gives.

Your gift to Artist Trust will help encourage individual artists to excel in their creative careers; will you consider a gift to bolster the vitality of artists working in Washington? 

Take pride in the fact that you are directly responsible for the vibrant artistic scene flourishing around our state. On behalf of myself and the thousands of artists that are supported by Artist Trust, thank you for your generosity.

Pat Graney

P.S. Please take a moment now to invest in Washington State artists by sending in your gift today; your contribution will help sustain our creative culture! The artists served by Artist Trust count on your support. Thank you.